27 February 2024

From March 13 to March 28, 2024, a methodological decade will be held at the Higher School of Business and Law

     Within the framework of the methodological decade, competitions, quizzes, games, Olympiads, open classes, methodological seminars, international round tables and career guidance events will be held.

     The purpose of the methodological decade: promoting the level of professional competence of the teaching staff of the Higher School of Business and Law, increasing their professional skills and developing creative potential in the context of the digitalization of modern education. 

     Main tasks of the methodological decade:

– generalization of pedagogical experience taking into account the development of professional competencies, the specifics of training personnel in higher education departments and its dissemination among young teachers in order to improve teaching methods;

– search for innovative teaching methods and their use in the educational process;

– formation of new views in the student-centered concept of education;

– introduction of new educational technologies into the educational process