28 February 2024


Every year the city’s large-scale military-sports festival “Rescuer”, dedicated to the World Civil Defense Day, is held in the walls of S. Amanzholov Military and Sports University named after S. Amanzholov. Schoolchildren of military-patriotic associations “Aibyn”, “Sunkar”, “Korgau”, “Arystan”, “Zhiger”, “Birlik”, “Arlan” of Ust-Kamenogorsk city and the team of the military department named after Kabanbai Batyr of the Higher Military Academy named after Sarsen Amanzholov took part in the next competition.

Camouflage, belt, cap and gas mask – that’s what the young patriots needed on this day. Throughout the six stages, the participants showed the will to win and camaraderie. The first five-minute stage was accompanied by a crossword puzzle on the sections of the Primary Military Training program. In the second stage the guys competed in a military-sports relay race with elements of civil defense. At the command of the judge “Gases!” the participants put on gas masks and carried boxes with ammunition. Then the participants fought in sports competitions.

It should be noted that each participant fulfilled standards for the use of individual means of protection of respiratory organs and skin, as well as standards for first aid. In addition, young rescuers demonstrated skills in assembly and disassembly of air rifle.

In a spectacular struggle the first place was won by the team of secondary school № 29 of military-patriotic association “Sunkar”, the second place – the team of secondary school № 4 of military-patriotic association “Alash”, the third place – the team of secondary school № 35 of military-patriotic association “Arlan”. All participants of the military-sports festival were awarded with certificates, and the teams that took the prize-winning places received money certificates.