18 March 2024


In EKU named after S. Amanzholov. S. Amanzholov the 10-day celebration of Nauryz continues. Today, March 18, is dedicated to the national dress. This holiday is an opportunity to express one’s individuality through clothing, to support national unity and cultural identity. Within the framework of Nauryznam the staff and students of the university tried on a variety of national garments, which are distinguished by the colorfulness of fabrics, convenience of styles and uniqueness of decorations.

-Today we are not just celebrating Nauryz, but honoring our national visual code, which embodies the rich history of the Kazakh people. This is a special day in the decade,” said EKU Rector Mukhtar Tolegen.

During the celebration of the Day of National Dress within the walls of the university, good old Kazakh songs were played. Talented student youth masterfully played the dombra, and also performed the famous dance “Kara zhorga”. All present guests were waited for dastarkhan with lush baursaks, kurt with soft milk flavor and traditional Kazakh tea. In addition, master’s student Aizhan Umbetova presented her author’s startup project – eco-national products.

-I make hats, bags, jewelry, bedspreads and pillows. At the beginning of any process, I study in detail the meaning and history of the origin of ornaments. This is my great hobby and contribution to the development of culture,” says the girl.

According to Zhanneta Kalimoldina, vice-rector for educational and social work, master of history, natural materials such as leather, fur, felt, cloth, precious stones and metals were always used for national outfits, which not only provided comfort, but also expressed the wealth and status of its owner.
Today we can observe the renaissance of national dress in a modern interpretation. The younger generation increasingly seeks to use elements of Kazakh identity in their outfits. Thus, the spreading ethno-trend contributes to the further preservation of traditions and historical features in the modern world.