26 March 2024


Representatives of the Department of Psychological and Correctional Pedagogy organized QUIZ among students on the theme of traditions of the Kazakh people. Four teams took part in the five-stage game. The participants were tested on their knowledge of proverbs, sayings and national traditions.

– The main purpose of our event is to popularize the significance of Nauryz, Kazakh traditions and customs,” said Kymbat Kanapiyanova, a senor-lecturer at the Department of Psychology and Correctional Pedagogy.

According to the results of the game the third place was taken by the team “Auylshek”, the second place – “Altybakan”, the first place – “Saukele”, the grand prize was won by the team “Besbarmak”.

-Thanks to the game we replenished our knowledge and had a great time. We express our gratitude to the organizers. It was very interesting,” said student Aidana Alikhan.