27 March 2024


224 schoolchildren from EKR districts took part in the second round of the IQanat Olympiad on the basis of S. Amanzholov EKU. Eighth grade students from rural schools competed for a chance to pass to the final stage. Most of these children are from socially vulnerable families.

For them, representatives of Amanzholov University made a presentation of the university and the Higher College. In the sports hall of the main academic building there were competitions among the participants of the Olympiad in arm wrestling, tug of war, relay races and jump rope exercises. There was also a tour of the educational building. The children watched chemical experiments “Alchemist”, Forensic Center, visited the Center for Continuous and Inclusive Education “Dana Bala”, the scientific library named after Academician B. Mamraev, the Museum of Nature named after V. Bazhanov and the Museum of Nature. V. Bazhanov Museum of Nature and the Museum of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of Abay.

– I came from the village of Glubokoye,” said project participant Alisa Mirzyanova. – I am very happy to participate in the IQanat Olympiad. My mother studied at this university and graduated from it with honors. Therefore, for me it is also the history of our family.

As the head of the Career Center “Professional Upgrading” Zhannel Bolatova noted, the university prepared and held a number of events for children for early career guidance.

– Thanks to the IQanat Olympiad, I got acquainted with S. Amanzholov University,” said Yeraly Kakimbek from Tarbagatai district. – I liked the university very much, I plan to enroll here and study to become a teacher.

Let us remind you that IQanat is a social and educational project supported by more than 100 Kazakhstani entrepreneurs. Thanks to this program, thousands of schoolchildren receive motivation and additional education, and hundreds enter the best universities in Kazakhstan and abroad with grants.

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