1 April 2024


On the basis of EKU named after S. Amanzholov. S. Amanzholov regional scientific and methodological round table on the topic “Inclusion and RAS (autism spectrum disorder): Realities and Opportunities”. The event was timed to the cycle of events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the opening of the specialty “Defectology” in EKU named after S. Amanzholov. S. Amanzholov.
In the round table meeting was attended by representatives of the akimat of East Kazakhstan region, public organizations, scientists, teachers, faculty and students, specialists working in the system of inclusive education, as well as guests from other regions of Kazakhstan in online mode.
The participants discussed the conditions necessary for successful implementation of the principle of inclusion in education, strengthening of scientific ideas about the importance of multidisciplinary relations for building a system of effective assistance in education and socialization of children and adults with ASD, including those with comorbid disorders and peculiarities of neurodevelopment.
According to Ardak Kubentaeva, representative of EKR EEO, EKU named after S. Amanzholov conducts a large number of training programs. S. Amanzholova has been doing a lot of work in this direction. For 20 years it has been training highly qualified specialists of correctional pedagogy. The university successfully operates the Center for Continuous and Inclusive Education “Dana Bala”.
– Today, within the walls of our university we are discussing a very important topic, – Mukhtar Tolegen, rector of the university, drew attention. – I want to express special gratitude to people who work in this field. They do a difficult, challenging and very necessary work for society.

A number of constructive wishes and recommendations were also voiced during the discussions. In particular, it was proposed to organize an association of parents of children with ASD, and to open a micro qualification of correctional teacher – assistant on the basis of Amanzholov University. These and other ideas will be sent to the EKR EE for consideration and decision making.
The total coverage of the round table participants amounted to over 200 people.