1 April 2024


The opening ceremony of the Regional Project Office “Mamandygym – bolashagym” was held in the East Kazakhstan University named after Sarsen Amanzholov.
This Project is implemented within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan “Program to increase the income of the population up to 2029”. Its main purpose is to forecast changes in the labor market in the region and early professional orientation of students.
During the grand opening of the office with a video message made by the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sayasat Nurbek.
-Today it is especially important early forecasting of demand for personnel and established dialog with employers for a clearer orientation of the system of vocational education on personnel needs. In addition, it is necessary to introduce young people to science and internationalization, as well as to form a digital ecosystem, – stressed the head of the department.

Within the framework of the event the actual professions and competences for East Kazakhstan were identified. For example, one of the unique and significant for the region educational programs EKU – “Hydroecology, management and transboundary water security”. Let us remind that the Government of the country has put on the agenda the issue of solving problems related to water supply, water security, pollution of water resources and reduction of biodiversity of flora and fauna of water bodies. And since most of the territory of the republic is a semi-desert zone, training of future specialists in this field is becoming increasingly important.
The main goal of the new EP is to train qualified specialists able to deal with water security, modernize the water consumption system through the use of new digital technologies, integrate GIS-technologies and implement modern methods of chemical analysis.
-The issue of staff shortage in pedagogy is equally important. Especially it concerns pedagogy in inclusive environment, because today in Kazakhstan there are about 160 000 children with special educational needs. More than 10% of them live in the East Kazakhstan region.

Taking into account these and other nuances, our university implements innovative EPs: “Early Support Teacher” and “Ergopedagogue”. Newly graduated specialists after graduation can work in pre-school educational organizations, psychological and pedagogical correction rooms, rehabilitation and medical centers, polyclinics and Children’s Homes, – said the rector of EKU Mukhtar Tolegen.
Note, within the framework of the project “Mamandygym – bolashagym” university staff will take a certification course on the methodology of foresight research in intensive mode. According to the results of training participants will join the team of the regional project office and will conduct foresight research aimed at creating a regional map of human resources needs in the East Kazakhstan region.
According to Olzhas Sakenov, head of the project group of the “Mamandygym – Bolashagym” program, today the project is being implemented in 15 regions of the country, five of which have developed Regional maps of human resources needs.