4 April 2024


At Amanzholov
University together with representatives of the regional mosque Khalifa Altai held an ayzashar for one and a half thousand fasting students and teachers.
auyzashar for 1,500 fasting students and teachers during the holy month of Ramadan.
month of Ramadan. The auyzashar
took part in the auyzashar. We would like to remind,
Earlier, the head of state Kasym-Jomart Tokayev said that Islam promotes the
values of peace and humanism. For this reason, it is especially important to develop in society
religiosity and faith. Chairman of the Board-Rector Mukhtar Tolegen emphasized,
that auyzashar is a good tradition of the university, contributing to the prosperity of the spiritual
beginning in young people.
– Dear students.Starting from 2018 we with representatives of the
Khalifa Altai Mosque have been holding auizashar here for you. It has become a good
tradition. Let each of your days be filled with good deeds and all your hopes and expectations will come true, – said the representatives of the Khalifa Altai Mosque.
Your hopes and expectations will come true, – said the head of the university.
For the organization of the event of such a scale five cauldrons of aromatic fruit
five cauldrons of fragrant pilaf were prepared. In addition, the fasting people were treated
hot baursaks, vegetable salads and sweet treats. The meal
was accompanied by the performance of a young akyn Ayan Kalymbek.
The students present expressed their gratitude to the university administration for the organized ayzashar.
organized auyzashar, which is held annually.

Today I saw that your university honors the cultural traditions of our people.
cultural traditions of our people, – said in his speech the imam of Khalifa mosque Altay Berik Kadyruly.
Khalifa Altai Berik Kadyruly. – I want to express gratitude to the management of the university,
faculty and personally rector Mukhtar Adilbekuly for the organization of such a wonderful
event in the holy month of Ramadan. Oraza qabyl bolsyn!
It should be noted that fasting during the holy month is a special kind of service to the Almighty.
It is obligatory for all Muslims. In the current
Ramadan will last 30 days and will end on April 9. On April 10, Oraza