5 April 2024


The Department of Chemistry together with the Career Center “Professional Upgrading” held a regional Olympiad in Chemistry among students of 10-11 grades.
The Olympiad was organized in two rounds – qualifying and theoretical and practical.
During the second round more than 40 students solved theoretical and creative problems, performed a logical experiment to identify substances based on qualitative reactions.
According to the results of the Olympiad, the winner of the Grand Prix was the 11th grade student of “Akkainar High School” Khairolkyzy Nazerke. She won the Rector’s educational grant for four years.
Among 10th grade students, first place went to Kaisar Kusainov from Oralkhan Bokey Kazakh Secondary School and Zlata Rybnikova from School-Lyceum No. 11.
The second place went to Aitkarim Fatima from “School-lyceum № 3 named after Shokan Ualikhanov” and Kabdrashit Erasyl from “Secondary Multipurpose School № 37”.
The third place was shared by Ruslanovna lnkar from “General Education School No. 47” and Polina Sirotina from “School-lyceum No. 11” Sirotina Polina.
Among pupils of 11 classes the first place went to the pupil of “NISh Daurenkyzy Narkes” and the pupil of “Bilim Innovation Lyceum” Kydirmollauly Nurmuhammed.
The second place – to pupils of “Maloubinskaya secondary school” Ergazy Aizhan and Temnaya Alisa.
The third place was won by Amangeldy Nurbol, a student of “School-lyceum №43 named after K. Nurgaliyev” and Aleshina Polina, a student of “School-lyceum №11” Aleshina Polina.

At the end of the event, the winners were awarded diplomas, and the participants received certificates and letters of appreciation.
It should be noted that during the Olympiad the schoolchildren were provided with information about educational programs, grants, academic mobility and other advantages of the university.