10 April 2024


Rector of EKU named after S. Amanzholov Mukhtar Tolegen held a personal meeting with Professor Bülent Bayram of Kırıklareli University, Istanbul. S. Amanzholov Mukhtar Tolegen held a personal meeting with Professor Bülent Bayram of Kırıklareli University (Istanbul).

During the meeting the prospects of bilateral cooperation in the field of Turkology, as well as education and science in general were discussed.

Bülent Bayram has great authority in the field of Turkology, in the Turkic world and in Europe. He is the author of numerous monographs and translation books, many articles related to Turkic languages and cultures. The scientist is fluent in Kazakh, English, Russian and Hungarian. The professor is also the winner of the Alisher Navoi International Prize “For Contribution to the Unity of the Turkic World” (Uzbekistan).

– Professor Bulent Bayram is one of those who contributed to the entry of East Kazakhstan University named after Sarsen Amanzholov into the organization of the Union of Turkic Universities, – informed Mukhtar Tolegen. – I would like to say that our scientists are in close cooperation with representatives of these universities, in particular with universities of Turkey.

Participation in this organization gives wide opportunities for students and faculty of WKU to study and undergo internships in Turkic-speaking universities under the ORHUN program.

According to Professor Bülent Bayram, he has been in Kazakhstan for about five years, working at the International Kazakh-Turkish University in the city of Turkestan under a five-year contract. During this time he learned a lot about the country, saw how dynamically education and science are developing here.

Let’s remind, within the limits of the program of academic mobility from April 8 till April 22 of the current year on the invitation of rector of university Mukhtar Tolegen professor of Kırıklareli University Bülent Bayram reads lectures on Turkology and folkloristics on chair of Kazakh, Russian philology and journalism.

The Rector of EKU thanked the guest and expressed confidence that interesting lectures and seminars of Prof. Bülent Bayram will give an impetus to deep study of Turkology among students and teachers.