18 April 2024


Sarsen Amanzholov EKU Vocational Training and Professional Development Resource Center holds courses on the topic«Биология және жаратылыстану сабақтарында кәсіби құзыреттілікті қалыптастыруда ғылыми зерттеу жұмыстарының рөлі мен ұйымдастыру әдістемесі».

Course on additional educational programs of non-formal education conducted by associated professor of the Department of Biology Sharipkhanova Anargul Saylaubekovna and senior-lecturer, master Kabataeva Zhadyra Kanatovna.

They noted that Kazakhstan has adopted the Concept of Lifelong learning, which allows people to continue learning throughout their lives. It is an important part of the educational system of our country. Due to the rapid development of information technology – the main quality of modern man becomes the ability and desire to learn, to acquire new skills and competencies. This need can be satisfied with the help of non-formal education.