18 April 2024


Practical classes of the second year students of the specialty “Life Safety and Environmental Protection” of the Department of Ecology and Geography of the Higher School of IT and Natural Sciences were held in “Laboratoria-Atmosphere” LLP.

Classes were held under the guidance of Professor, Dr. Kulzipa Dakieva in the department of safety of working conditions of “Laboratoria-Atmosphere” LLP. Employees of the department familiarized students with the study of air of the working zone and ventilation emissions, with the measurement of physical factors. They showed how and on what equipment the determination of these parameters is carried out.

In the course of the classes the students had questions. The laboratory staff tried to answer them in detail.

The students were interested in the specifics of the laboratory work. In particular, they learned that its activity is multifaceted and very necessary for the enterprises of the region. Private and state enterprises apply to the laboratory for accreditation of workplaces.