26 April 2024


The international scientific conference of students and young scientists “Akynzhanov Readings-2024” was held in Almaty, with the participation of students of the Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University.

The event was traditionally organized by the A. Margulan Institute of Archaeology and the State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve Museum “Tanbaly”.

At the conference, the second-year students of the educational program “History” Dulat Kairgazy and Daulet Dauletkhanov presented their works. They made scientific reports on research work in the archaeological complex “Akbaur”.

Scientific supervisors: senior lecturer of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and SRS Kuralai Zhirindinova and researcher at the Historical Museum of East Kazakhstan Region Medelbek Shugyla.

The conference of students and young scientists “Akynzhanov readings” has been held on an ongoing basis since 1993. The path of a number of Russian scientists began with this conference. Many of them have linked their scientific and professional activities with archaeology.