21 May 2024


Everyone who goes to university or college needs to get used to a new atmosphere. The best way to get used to the new environment is to become a part of such organizations as student clubs.

A university student club is a social organization within the walls of an educational institution, which consists of students united by common interests. They help to diversify the life of students outside of studies, motivate them to personal development and active social activity.

Thus, EKU S. Amanzholov has a Youth Affairs Committee. The university on a permanent basis organizes and conducts various activities for the effective use of free time of young people. The university has various student clubs: debate club “Dilmar”, student theater “Shabyt”, volunteer organization “Meirim”, women’s club “Kөrkem”, as well as clubs “Zhastar rukhy, Zhastar kanaty” and “Alash”.

For example, in the debate club students can realize their social activity, find new friends, express their own opinion, convey it to others and understand the opposite point of view.

And if you have creative and artistic abilities, you can go straight to the student theater “Shabyt”. Volunteer organization EKU conducts events on rendering voluntary charitable assistance, promotes the ideas of voluntary work for the benefit of society. Every student can become a part of this organization.

There is a women’s club “Kөrkem” for girls. The aim of the club is to educate girls within the framework of customs and traditions of the people, preserving health and beauty, leading a healthy lifestyle and preparing for family life as future mothers.

Forming in young people a sense of Kazakhstani patriotism and responsible citizenship, respectful attitude to the state symbols of the Republic, cultural heritage, language and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan – these are the views and principles of the participants of the club “Zhastar rukhy, Zhastar kanaty”.

If you want to open new pages of history, analyze interesting historical facts, take part in scientific conferences, write scientific articles, reports, you will find like-minded people in the club “Alash”.