27 May 2024

Procedure for interviewing foreign citizens

1. Admission to the University of foreign citizens entering the University for paid training is carried out by the Admissions Committee in the form of an interview. The interview shall be conducted in Kazakh or Russian languages (at the choice of the applicant).

2. To conduct the interview, a commission shall be established by order of the Chairman of the Board-Rector of the University.

3. To participate in the interview, applicants shall submit the following documents to the Admissions Committee (in conditions of emergency, strengthening / maintaining quarantine measures in online mode through the “IS EKU”):

1) application for participation in the interview;

2) education document with attachment (original);

3) copy of identity document.

4. The procedure of interviewing the entrant consists of two stages:

– analysis by the commission of documents on education of the entrant to determine the level of educational achievements;

– answers of the applicant to the questions of the commission in the field of the chosen educational program. Filling in the sheet of evaluation of answers.

5. Oral interview is held according to the schedule approved by the chairman of the Admissions Committee (in conditions of emergency, strengthening / maintaining quarantine measures in online mode with the use of appropriate platforms for videoconferencing).

6. Oral interview with applicants, provides a conversation on the following questions:

– the reason for choosing to study at RK;

– the purpose of choosing the educational program of the University;

– personal achievements;

– knowledge of the rules of study at the University;

– knowledge of languages;

– passion, hobbies.

7.The interview is conducted by the commission individually with each applicant.

8.According to the results of two stages of the interview the members of the commission make a decision on the recommendation for admission/non-admission of the applicant to educational programs of the University.

9.The protocol is drawn up individually for each entrant and is filed in his personal file.

10.The decision on non-enrollment of the entrant to the University may be taken by the commission at a low level of interview results, non-compliance with the requirements of the submitted document on education (lack of notarized translation, defects and errors in the design).