31 May 2024


45 first-year full-time students of the educational programs “Geography”, “Geography-History” and “Hydroecology, Management and Transboundary Water Security” of the Higher School of IT and Natural Sciences are undergoing two-week practical training with field trips to EKR districts.

As the dean of the Higher School of IT and Natural Sciences Saltanat Adikanova told, field practice is a special type of practical training of students, their practical skills.

– The purpose of this practice is to familiarize students with their future profession, to show what exactly specialists do, what problems and difficulties they face on a daily basis, the peculiarities and conditions of work within a particular profile, etc., – explained the Dean of the Graduate School.

Within the framework of the business trip for educational field practice they will visit the tract “Kiin-Kerish” in Kurchum district, “Katon-Karagai State National Natural Park”, “Berel barrows” and Old Austrian road in Katon-Karagai district, Seleznevsky gauging station (Hydroecology), Bukhtarma reservoir in Altai district, villages of Turgusun, Ulken Naryn, Katon-Karagai, Shyngastai and Altai city.

Students are supervised by the head of practice, assigned by the order of the Rector of EKU S. Amanzholov. The expenses are paid at the expense of the university.