3 June 2024


Doctor of Law, Professor of NPLC “East Kazakhstan University named after S. Amanzholov. S. Amanzholov” Kuat Rakhimberdin took part in the XIV Congress of Criminal Law on the theme: ‘Public danger in criminal, penal law and criminology’. The Congress was held at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University on May 30 and 31 of the current year.

Prof. Rakhimberdin made a report on “Probation in the Republic of Kazakhstan: modern problems and development trends” at the plenary session. In his speech he highlighted the current issues of the probation system in Kazakhstan, emphasizing the need to improve this system to increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation of convicts and reduce the level of recidivism.

He also noted that the successful implementation of the institute of probation requires a comprehensive approach, including the interaction of government agencies, public organizations and local government and orientation to international standards of the UN in the field of criminal justice.

In addition, Kuat Rakhimberdin took part in the international scientific-practical conference devoted to the theme “Social danger of the personality of a criminal in the light of the results of the ninth special census of convicts and persons in custody (December 2022)”.

– At this conference I made a report on “Is it relevant for the penal system of Kazakhstan to conduct a special census of convicts?”, – said Professor Rakhimberdin. – In his report he emphasized the importance of conducting a special census of convicts to obtain objective data on the socio-demographic composition of prisoners, their level of education, professional qualifications, health status and other relevant characteristics.

He also emphasized that such studies are an important tool for developing effective measures for social and psychological rehabilitation of convicts, as well as for improving the conditions of their detention.

Prof. Rakhimberdin’s participation in the XIV Criminal Law Congress and International Scientific and Practical Conference contributed to the exchange of best practices and scientific knowledge in the field of criminal law and criminology, as well as to the strengthening of international cooperation in this area. His presentations aroused great interest among the participants of the events, which testifies to the high level of research and scientific contribution to the development of criminal law and the penal system of Kazakhstan.

Kuat Khajumukhanovich Rakhimberdin expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of the Board – Rector of NPLC “East Kazakhstan University named after S. Amazholov”, Professor Mukhtar Adilbekuly Tolegen for the support of scientific initiatives and assistance in organizing the visit to Lomonosov Moscow State University.