Civil Defense and Labor Protection Headquarters

Zhumazhanov Zhetpis

Chief of Staff

The main purpose of staff GD and ES to organize the work on prevention with the threat and occurrence of emergency situations of natural and technological pattern and the application of modern means of destruction.

Main tasks:

– To monitor the implementation of the calendar plan of the main activities of the University for civil defense and emergencies.
– To manage the development of a plan for civil defense and emergencies.
– To carry out constantly control of holding all actions for observance of fire safety.
– Timely report about the situation of civil defense and emergencies, fire safety and measures that have been taken by the head of civil defense.
– To bring in due time orders of the chief of GD to performers.

On monthly basis:
– To plan and organize training of civil defense and emergencies headquarters and perform the training of teaching staff.
– Timely provide reports and other reporting documents to higher authorities.
– Keep records of training of all categories of students forming GD, conduct classes, exercises and training.
– To improve the educational material base of civil defense and emergencies, to carry out activities to update it.

The main function:

With the threat of emergencies:

  • To duplicate the signal to all personnel during working hours and to the management in non-working hours.
  • To organize operational duty of the management staff at the facility.
  • To report on the activities carried out to the main authority for emergency situations.
  • Immediately ensure about the emergency alert to the management stuff.
  • To take emergency measures for the protection and evacuation of staff of the University.
  • To enact section I of the civil defense plan.

During the switching of CD to the plan evacuation:

  • Report to the head of the civil defense about the received orders of the threat, confirm receipt of the order to the higher authority.
  • To set the clock duty of managers to carry out the communications system and alert.
  • To prepare for the readiness the department of civil defense.
  • To control the issuance of personal protective equipment and other property formation of civil defense to University employees.
  • To organize a reinforced guard of the object.
  • To report to the head of civil defense and higher authority on emergency situations on the progress of activities under the civil defense plan.
  • Check the readiness of the task force calculation in the safe zone to give orders for the placement of evacuees.
  • After completion of evacuation to check the next emergency tasks and use of the units in the state management organization.
  • To organize chemical control, to evaluate the performance of personnel of the civil defense forces.
  • To take all measures to maintain discipline and order in the actions of subordinates.

Address: 30 Gvardeiskoi Divizii str. 34, education building № 1 office 428
Тел.: 8 (7232) 540-413