Student service center “PARASAT”

About us

The department of registration – is the structural division of the university providing the organization of process of documentation of students’ achievements and movement of the contingent, registration of students for subject matters, accounting of accumulating of quantity of the credits studying at an extent of the entire period of education.

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The main tasks of the department:

1. Management of the process of registration for subject matters;
2. Forming of the academic groups and flows on the basis of the choice studying of education;;
3. The organization and accounting of progress by results of an intermediate and final assessment;
4. Calculation of the academic rating of the students;
5. Forming and saving of the academic progress records;
6. Control of filling with teachers of rating, examination and final sheets;
8. Registration and accounting of movement of the contingent of students;
9. Control of failure of studies and attendance of students;
10. Creation of accounting and analysis of classroom fund of the university;
11. Verification of students’ knowledge on the translation from other higher education institutions, restitution, assignment, provision and an exit from the academic issue, change of a surname, etc.

Our team

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Mergul Oralbekovna Mustafina

head of the registry office

Aliya Zhayyrbekkyzy

Registry Office Specialist

Aruzhan Kuanyshkyzy

Registry Office Specialist

Aisha Serikkyzy

Registry Office Specialist

Arai Bolatkyzy

specialist of the registry office (schedule of classes)

Dina Altaykyzy

specialist of the registry office (schedule of classes)

Meruert Berikbolkyzy

specialist of the registry office (schedule of classes)

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