Scientific projects and research


№ p/p Name of the projects Scientific supervisor Implementation period
Priority area: Geology, mining and processing of mineral and hydrocarbon raw materials, new materials, technology, safe products and structures  
1. №AP09058686 «Nanocomposite ceramics based on beryllium oxide with high thermal and electrical properties for use in the radio-electronic industry» Kasymov Askar Bagdatovich 2021-2023
2. №AP09058613 «Development of a technology for producing a ceramic material based on silicon carbide by powder sintering» Abilev Madi Baltabaevich 2021-2023
3. №АР09259925 «Development and implementation of a highly efficient technology for applying an anti-corrosion protective coating based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.» Skakov Mazhyn Kanapinovich 2021-2023
4. AP13068485 «Development of scientific and technological foundations for obtaining functional-gradient coatings by detonation spraying for bioengineering of bone tissue» Sagdoldina Zhuldyz Bolatkyzy 2022 – 2024
5. AP19677974 «Development of technology for the synthesis of ceramics based on zirconium oxide for the needs of industry» Abilev Madi Baltabaevich 2023-2025
6. AP19680101 «Development and study of radio absorbing materials based on thin films» Nadezhda Valerievna Prokhorenkova 2023-2025
7. AP19679461 «Development and implementation of a radiation- and corrosion-resistant protective composite material based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with fillers» Kozhakhmetov Ernat Abilkhayirovich 2023-2025
8. DP21682148 «Competence Center for Psychological-Pedagogical Training and Methodological-Technological Support for Children with Special Educational Needs» Yerbolatuly Dosym 2023-2025
9. DP21681556 «Commercialization of the technology for the production of composite filter materials for the purification of water objects» Kuanyshbekov Tlek Kuanyshbekovich 2023-2025
  Priority area: Energy and mechanical engineering  
1. AP13068364 «Development of a detonation spraying method of gradient thermal barrier coatings for gas turbine engine blades» Adilkanova Meruert Adilkankyzy 2022 – 2024
2. AP14872211 «Development of electrofriction technology and installation for hardening the cutting edges of the working bodies of soil-cultivating tools.» Sagdoldina Zhuldyz Bolatkyzy 2022-2024
3. AP19680473 «Improving the performance of mining and metallurgical equipment alloyed steel parts by developing a new method of diffusion thermocyclic electrolytic-plasma boriding» Zhurerova Layla Gylymmeddenovna 2023-2025
4. AP19677819 «Development and creation of a prototype of the damless microHPP based on a flow-through hydroturbine» Zhilkashinova Almira Mikhailovna 2023 – 2025
5. AP14973060 «Study of technological methods for controlling the structure and properties of cast 20GL steel» Rusakova Alena Viktorovna 2022 – 2024
  Priority area: National security and defense  
1. №AP09058548 «Development of a sensitive humidity sensor based on graphene oxide membrane from activated carbon for military needs» Kuanyshbekov Tilek Kuanyshbekuly 2021-2023
  Priority area: Research in the field of social sciences and humanities  
1. №АР09260600 «Regional features of reproductive behavior of urban Kazakh women: trends and prospects» Aubakirova Zhanna Sakenovna 2021-2023
2. AP19676895 «Kazakhs as the Demographic Potential of Kazakhstan: Retrospective and Development Prospects» Aubakirova Zhanna Sakenovna 2023 – 2025
  Priority direction: Sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex and safety of agricultural products  
1. №АР09259379 «Research and development of methods for agro-technological decisions support, based on precision farming technologies» Sutula Maxim Yurievich 2021-2023
  Priority area: Research in the field of education and science  
1. AP14871794 «The use of crowdsourcing technology as a predictor of the transfessional training of future specialists.» Tolegen Mukhtar Adilbekuly 2022-2024
2. AP19678738 «Facilitating dual learning in higher vocational education in a digitalised labour market» Baimukhambetova Botagoz Shakirovna 2023-2025
3. AP19679046 «Pedagogical referendariat as a condition for professional adaptation of young teachers on the basis of the INTERN created innovative platform» Espolova Gulden Kalioldanovna 2023-2025
  Priority area: Information, communication and space technologies  
1. AP19679550 «High-performance cloud service for air quality assessment based on stochastic fractional equations» Madiyarov Muratkan Nabenovic 2023-2025
  Priority area: Scientific research in the field of natural sciences  
1. AP14972807 «Projection methods for solving nonlinear fractional differential filtration equations with variable order of fractional derivative» Alimbekova Nurlana Baurzhanovna 2022 – 2024