The Center for Multilingual Education “Til Alemi”

"Til Alemi"

The Center for Multilingual Education

Address: Ust-Kamenogorsk, 72 Krylova str., academic building No.9

Moldakhmetova Arailym Akhmetgalievna


The Center for Multilingual Education "Til Alemi" undertakes a manifold of endeavors dedicated to the advancement and advocacy of multilingual education and the celebration of cultural diversity:

  • 1. Linguistic Instruction: Offering a diverse array of language courses tailored for students, university personnel, and the broader populace, encompassing various proficiency levels, from novice to adept. Additionally, the center provides specialized coaching for international examinations such as IELTS and TOEFL ITB/IBT.

  • 2. Intercultural Enlightenment: Orchestrating gatherings and initiatives aimed at fostering mutual comprehension and reverence for diverse cultures through the exploration of languages, literature, artistic expressions, and customs.

  • 3. Linguistic Repositories: Facilitating access to linguistic reservoirs including libraries, online curricula, and assorted language learning materials.

  • 4. Global Collaboration: Engaging in collaborative ventures with fellow universities and educational institutions both within Kazakhstan and abroad, facilitating student and faculty exchanges, orchestrating joint research endeavors, and coalescing on educational programs.

  • 5. Consultation and Aid: Extending guidance and support to students grappling with linguistic and cultural studies, as well as furnishing assistance in resolving linguistic quandaries.