“Professional Upgrading” Career Center

"Professional Upgrading"

Career Center

Address: Ust-Kamenogorsk, 30th Guards Division Street, 34

Educational Building №1, office. 209

Tel: 8 7232 540-144, 8 705 282 81 41 

e-mail: rostvkgu@mail.ru 

Areas of activity of the "Professional Upgrading" Career Center:

– "Zhas Talap" preparatory courses for applicants;
– Preparatory department for international students;
– Foundation Program;
– Employment of graduates
– Serpin Headquarters
– professional development, retraining and language training of graduates of previous years.
  • Organizes career guidance work among graduates of secondary schools and colleges (diagnostics, professional selection)

  • Conducts preparatory courses for applicants

  • Ensures the preparation of long-term and current plans, the creation of a database on the marketing of educational services of the university

  • Develops a strategy for conducting promotional events in the media to organize a new set

  • Publishes information, reference and promotional materials for applicants

  • Provides assistance in the opening of new educational programs and training areas

  • Studies the opinion of consumers about the quality of educational services of the university and prepares proposals to increase their competitiveness

  • Liaises with educational organizations and institutions

  • Participates in the work of the admissions committee, consultations of applicants on admission to the university

  • Cooperation with social partners to assist in the employment of graduates

  • Compiling a database of graduates and their employment

  • Providing graduates with information about open vacancies in enterprises and organizations

  • Organization of advanced training courses, retraining of personnel, language training of graduates of previous years

  • Organization of advanced training, retraining courses, language training of graduates of previous years

  • Individual consultation and organization of events for planning and career development of graduates

  • Organization of promotional career guidance in the southern regions of the country in order to recruit a contingent under the Serpin program

  • Assistance in adaptation in the academic and cultural life of students within the framework of the Serpin project

Our team

Болатова Жаннель Болатовна

Head of the center

Раисова Арайлым Мурзабековна

graduate employment specialist

Бекқалиев Ринат Айдынұлы


Елтаева Аяулым Еркінқызы


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