Department of documentary securing and control

Chudobayeva Assel

The head of the department

The Department of  Documentation and Legal Support was established by the order of the Rector of the University on August 10, 2010 and was renamed as the Documentation Support and Control Department on January 3, 2013 on the basis of decision made by Academic Council on December 28, 2012. (protocol №3). The department is a structural subdivision of Non-profit limited company «Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University». The structure of the department of documentation support and control includes: the office, the archive, the department for the protection of state secrets, and referents.

The main activities of Documentation Support and Control Department:

1. Organization, management, coordination, control and implementation of works on documentation support;

2. Perfection of document processing methods;

3. Ensuring a unified procedure for documenting, processing documents, monitoring the implementation of documents from the Ministry of Education and Science, preparing documents for transferring to the university archives;

4. Development and implementation of normative and methodological documents for improvement of documentation support;

5. Reduce the workflow and the number of document forms;

6. Introduction of advanced document processing technologies based on the use of computing and organizational techniques;

7. Organization of employees’ professional development.

In accordance with the tasks assigned, the Documentation Support and Control Department performs the following functions:

  1. Development and implementation of the unified forms directory of university documents;
  2. Implementation of processing, registration of documents and records and reference documentation;
  3. Organization of timely consideration by the Rector of incoming documents, control over the correctness of documents provided for signing to the Rector;
  4. Development of the university affairs nomenclature, ensuring the storage of personnel file and operational use of document information;
  5. Organization of control over work with documents in structural subdivisions;
  6. Development (jointly with relevant structural subdivisions) of activities improving the forms and methods of document processing, as well as improving performance discipline;
  7. Controlling correctness of registration and formation by structural subdivisions of organization of cases to be transferred to the archive;
  8. Organization of the departmental archive;
  9. Improvement of employees’ professional skills;
  10. Provision of archival references on citizens’ applications, by request of relevant organizations and university employees.

Structure of the Department includes: Chief of the Department, the Specialist experts in record keeping, the archivarius, the inspector of State Secrets Protection, referents of the administration.

Address: 070004, Kazakhstan str. 55, Ust-Kamenogorsk 070004, office 205